Pack Light. Travel Slow. Connect Deep.

That's my motto and my wish for you.

Travel has taught me that more isn't better, fast shouldn't be an unquestioned objective, and that superficiality is best left to social media.

Pack Light

Living in a consumer culture makes it difficult to discern wants from needs.

Motorcycle travel  is a study in minimalism and has taught me the virtues of simplicity. Minimally encumbered and indebted to your stuff, makes it easier to say "yes" to more of life's adventures, relationships, and experiences.

Travel Slow

When did an entire day go by without asking yourself or someone else to hurry? Most of us hustle through our days. A need for speed becomes a way of life instead of a means to an end; a habit instead of an occasional necessity.

Road tripping has made me more mindful both on and off my motorcycle. I have learned to leave room in my days—on and off the road—for detours and serendipity.

Connect Deep

Our media-drenched lives both connect to and distance us from each other and the world around us. Many of us have relationships miles wide and inches deep.

The people and places I've encountered on my travels have taught me the importance of connecting with the natural world and to other people in ways that have made me more human and humane.